Children and Young People

"We Are All Stars Who Deserve The Right To Shine"

It can be very scary for a child who is experiencing some form of mental health issues, or has a problem they do not understand.  As adults we are aware of the difficultis that can arise when seeking help from others about our own mental health.  It is important to take in to consideration how daunting this may be for a younger person who does not know where to turn to to get the help and support they need.

Sometimes it can be very difficut for children to open up to their parents or carers.  Although this can be difficult for loved ones to understand, try not to be offended.  Your child may find it easier to open up to other adults who are not involved in family dynamics, such as a teacher, a friend or a counsellor.  Although your child may not be sharing their problems directly with you, it is important to remember to give them space and time, and to work in ways that they find most comfortable when talking about sensitive subjects. 

Counselling can provide your child with a safe and confidential space where they can reflect on their issues away from their home and school life and without the fear of judgement.  The methods used when counselling children will all depend on a child's age and stage of deveopment.  Play Therapy, such as painting, reading, role play, arts and crafts, to name a few, are good ways of helping younger children express themselves when finding the words becomes too difficult.  The same method can also be used for older children, however they may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both.  Counselling sessions are very child lead and it would be up to the individual how they wanted to use their time in therapy.

Price List

One to one counselling for children and young people is priced at £40 per session, including initial meetings and review meeting.     

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