Creative Minds

A Creative Workshop For Little Worriers

It can be very scary for children who are experiencing difficult emotions. Not being able to understand or make sense of these feelings can create anxiety and worries.

Sometimes children find it hard to open up about how they feel and may find it easier to express themselves creatively.  

Creative Minds is a psycho-educational workshop designed to educate children around mental health to help them better understand their anxieties and worries.

Please bare in mind that these workshops are not counselling sessions and are designed to help normalise different feelings and emotions in hope that the children no longer feel alone.

There will be a creative activity held each session that will focus on a different topic each time we meet. The activities are designed to offer different tools for the children to use at home to help them manage their worries.

The sessions are suitable for children aged 6 - 11 years old.

Sessions are priced at £8 per child.   
             ⭐ Limited spaces ⭐

To book a place, please contact Nicola.

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