The Family Support Programme

Bringing Families Together

Over the years I have worked with many families who have reached the point of crisis and the relationhips that were once so strong, begin to break down.  This can be a very distressing time for all of the family and it can seem impossible to glue back together the shattered pieces.

By laying out the family dynamics, looking at the areas that seem to be going wrong, and working together as a family team, can be very helpful in reconnecting a family and bringing them back together as they were before.

Once I began to see the difference in family members, and some over short periods of time, I started to put together a more structured piece of work.  I felt this could benifit struggling families and help each family member to be heard, respected, supported and taken seriously with their struggles.

The Family Support Programme is tailored to meet each individual families needs and runs over a 10 week period.  Due to the complexity of the work, there are usually two counsellors present during the programme to ensure the correct support is provided throught.  After an initial meeting with the counsellor/counsellors, where background information will be gathered, a session plan will be carefully structured to ensure your family receive the support that is right for you.  Your structured plan will be discussed at the star of your work and throughout the programme to ensure you agree and feel comfortable with what has been arranged.

Although the programme runs over a 10 week period, the family will always have the option to continue with more sessions once the work is completed if they feel necessary.

Price List

The Family Spport Programme starts from £85 per session, depending on the structure chosen, over a 10 week period (please contact for more details).

A 10% discount is also also available with block bookings.