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About Nicola

My Aim


Over the years I have seen, and experienced, the frustration from different people around the lack of immediate help in the community when it comes to mental health. Therefore it is my aim to provide a service which enables flexibility and limited, or zero, waiting lists to children, adults, young people and families. I am a strong believer in early intervention to help prevent the point of crisis and feel that everyone is capable of change if they are committed and willing to do so.  

Qualifications And Training


* BA (hons) Degree in counselling

* Foundation Degree in counselling

* Access to Higher Education - Counselling

* Level One Counselling Skills

* Supervision Skills

* Theraplay Level One

* Emergency first aid at work

* I am DBS checked

I also attend regular workshops, training and CPD to ensure I am working to the best of my ability.

I attend monthly one to one supervision and group supervision, and I am also a part of a peer support group to ensure I am working ethically and to the highest of standards.

It's More Than Just Listening


A good counsellor is more than just someone who is there to listen.  A good counsellor is understanding, empathic, honest, creative, able to use their initiative, tuned in, interested in every word spoken, non-judgemental, accepting, and sees others as equal to them. 

Although my training is that of Humanistic Counselling, I often adapt my theoretical approach depending on what I feel will work best for the individual.  Some of the different techniques I use are pulled from modalities such as Person Centred, Gestalt, Play Therapy, TA, CBT and Psychodynamic approaches.  

My experience covers a range of different issues including, trauma, anxiety, bereavement, sexual abuse, neglect, complicated bereavements, complicated traumas (such as children in care), bullying, self-harm, low confidence, low self-esteem, low mood, emotional abuse and much, much more.

 I work in a none judgemental, empathic way with our relationship being the main focus. It is very important to build a trusted relationship to ensure you feel at ease and safe within the counselling environment and for change to happen naturally.

I  work in a way that is at your pace for you to explore the thoughts and feelings that are troubling you. I also work with different techniques, activities and processes where necessary.  This is in order to help you or your child gain knowledge of current situations, develop self-awareness, to help gain autonomy and to ensure you achieve your goals. 

I am committed to helping you reach your potential and live a fuller and happier life.

Specialist Areas


Working With Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Anxiety can leave us feeling isolated, stuck and even paralysed, trapped in our own minds with no escape. 

Counselling can help manage those uncomfortable feelings which may manifest as panic attacks and other forms of behavioural change, leaving you more able to manage day to day activities and regain some ballance in your life.


Working With Trauma

Many individuals can experience different symptoms associated with painful and traumatic past events.  These symptoms become trapped in the body and resurface in ways such as flashbacks, which can make you feel as though you are reliving that exact moment over again. Anxiety, shame, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger long after the event has passed and can become difficult to shift on your own.

With the support of counselling you can begin to process those memories to reduce the impact of those overwhelming feelings that are left behind after a traumatic event.



Working With Children

Over the years a lot of my work has been with children and young people where I have worked with a range of different issues, including depression, self harm, bullying, low confidence, bereavement, and much more, across a number of different schools and organiations.  A lot of my early work was carried out with the charity Barnardos where I worked with parents and carers as well as the children.

Currently  my work with children includes working with children one to one through counselling, working with children in care through the charity, Barnardos, working in schools,  working with families, and delivering 'The Children's Group' - a programme designed to support children aged 8-11 years old with anxiety, and 'Creative Mind's' - psycho-educational workshops for children aged 6-11 years old.