North Star Counselling Service

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North Star Counselling Service - providing counselling in sunderland for those struggling with anxiety and who have experienced trauma.

It can be so easy to get caught up in everyday life that self care is often forgotten about. We live in a world with so much expectation that we often fall in to a cycle of stress  with added pressures from external influences such as social medias and social groups.

Often we live in hope that things will sort themselves out eventually, and that change will somehow happen on its own. However, things still seem to remain the same.

Investing in yourself, through the support of counselling, may be the next step for you to help regain balance in your life and to make the changes you have been wanting to make for some time now. 

I believe that everyone is capable of change if they are committed and willing to do so and that early intevention is key to prevent the point of crisis.

Price List

One to one counselling is priced at £40 per session, including initial meetings.

Students (18+) may be eligible for a discounted rate.  Student ID must be presented at initial meeting.