Helping Children Manage Anxiety

What Is The Children's Group?

The Children's Group is designed for primary aged children who suffer with anxiety and BIG worries.


The Children's Group is a starting point for recognising what those worries and anxieties may be and aims to help children learn new strategies to manage and cope better in their day to day lives.

Who Is It For?

The Children's Group is for primary aged children aged children who would like to: 

* Share their worries and concerns

* Be Creative

* Make new friends

* Learn new strategies to manage anxiety

* And much more

What Can I Expect?

The programme will run over a 6 week period and will last for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes each week.

The group aims to be creative, Confidential, and most importantly, FUN!

The children will have the opportunity to be around like minded people who suffer similar issues in hope that they no longer feel alone with their anxiety.

Price List

Please contact Nicola to arrange appointments or to ask any questions.