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Trauma, brain development and relationships:


Understanding and responding to neurological sensitivities.

Aim: To be able to explain the impact trauma has on our brain development and how this affects our relationships with others. Delivered by Dr Emma Black (CPsycol), Applied Educational Psychologist.


Part One: Understanding Trauma

What is trauma?Notable risk factorsCommon reactions to trauma and warning signs that someone may not be coping

Part Two: Impact of Trauma

How does trauma affect our brain development?How does this affect our relationships?

Part Three: Facilitating Recovery

Understanding and responding to different attachment stylesEngagement tips and linguistic analysis

Part Four: Links to helpful resources

Helpful links to resources, websites and reading material

The workshop is designed as an introduction to understanding trauma or as a refresher for those already familiar with this area.

Time And Date

The workshop will run for 2 hours from 10am - 12pm on Saturday 9th February 2019.


The cost of the workshop is £25.